Andrew O’Dua’s Top Tips for Business Travel

Whenever I head off on an international business trip, it seems to spark a bit of envy with my friends, based on the assumption that travelling abroad for work purposes is really a ‘jolly’. In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

For starters, as a Business Angel I generally travel alone. Not so much of a party when it’s just me, myself and I.

Secondly, it’s tiring – particularly on those long haul flights and challenging time zone differences.

Finally, it can get very expensive – especially when having to travel extensively to try and validate an investment opportunity.

So using the benefit of my experience (most of which has been learned the hard way), here’s a few of my tried and tested tips for making sure international business travel works for you:

  1. Travel light but be prepared – the wonder of technology means you don’t always have to carry laptop, tablet and phone with you. Think about what you’ve got planned and only pack the tech you really need (this will also make airport security a lot easier).
  2. Remember the wonder of Wifi – wherever possible use wifi networks to avoid burning your phone data. I’ve always been careful to do this on holiday, but when I’ve been on business felt the need to be permanently ‘connected’. Use the wifi to manage the heavy downloads and only have the essential apps running on data when you’re on the move.
  3. Dress to impress – well maybe not impress, but definitely not offend. Dress appropriately for the culture and the climate. There’s some good tips on cultural etiquette and business dress codes here
  4. The power of Uber – probably one of my most favourite innovations of all time. Using this app makes it much easier to get about in unfamiliar places. Top tip here is to remember to switch your payment method from card to cash when you’re in an unknown territory (just to be on the safe and secure side)!

As well as travelling to explore new investment opportunities and to progress existing business ventures, I’ll also be spending time visiting a lot of events this year. Keep an eye on the event calendar for where I’m scheduled to be, would be great to connect.


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