Best apps for special occasions (when you’re on the move and nearly forgot)…

We’re all increasingly busy people, constantly on the go, forever trying to strike a balance between our work and personal lives and sometimes things slide, it’s perfectly normal! There *may* have been times when I’ve forgotten a special occasion or two, although thanks to social media a last minute reminder is never far off; and even bigger thanks to my favourite three apps that allow you to remedy your ‘near miss’ mistake on the go!


Interflora is a well-known, reliable brand, that is perfect for last minute flowers – even allowing you to order same day delivery (depending on the time of day). Interflora is perfect for all occasions, has bunches that suit all budgets and as for the recipient, who doesn’t like to receive a big bunch of hand delivered flowers? You can even base your choice on occasion, type or colour of flower – keeping things simple and quick for you while you’re on the move!


Moonpig did a great job in addressing the need for sending greetings cards, quickly and without the sender having to write the card out and post it them themselves. It’s my go-to app for when birthdays have slipped my mind, and the handwriting is probably more legible too (typing is easier than handwriting when you’re flying around)! There’s also the option to add flowers or additional gifts such as chocolates or wine, it’s a great all-rounder.


Another business that spotted a niche in the market and has done very well from championing small businesses. This app is perfect for finding unique gifts for absolutely anyone – and you can go as far as searching for gifts by recipient, e.g. top chef / keen traveller etc. Next day and gift wrapping options are also available, they have a great range of unusual gifts to suit all pockets, I really rate them.

 Should you ever have a ‘forgotten moment’ hopefully one of the above will come to your rescue, as they have done mine!

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