Business Angels: The Team Behind the Dream

As someone who receives many new business proposals and pitches, I feel qualified enough to say that while the people and the product are key in making it a success, the angel investor team plays a significant role in defining the overall result of the venture.

When deciding on an investment opportunity, I have to believe in the product as well as the people who will be bringing it to fruition before fully committing. Likewise, this should work in reverse, and the entrepreneur should have faith in the Business Angel who will be nurturing them as well as investing in their business financially. It’s the Business Angel behind the scenes who is working hard to not only ensure it is a success, but supporting the entrepreneur and guiding them every step of the way.

As part of one investment with Dials Calendar – a US-based tech company that presents each day’s events on a dial, instead of a traditional list view – I co-invested with Tony Robbins, a well-known Life Coach who believes in helping people achieve their dreams. Tony has built a whole mastery programme which supports the needs of others and helps them grow to be the best they can be. When the opportunity came up for me to invest, it seemed like an obvious decision, not just based on the product but also because I believe that Tony and I share the same ethos.

When I started Tellus Solutions in 2013 I wanted to use my knowledge to help people with practical advice as well as to work with them personally to help them achieve their goal. While for some, financial investment is purely the driving force, for me it’s also about cultivating relationships and shaping people to be the best they can, which I think makes for a unique return on investment.

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