Entrepreneurship… the ultimate rollercoaster ride!

If somebody asked you to describe the typical day of an entrepreneur, I’m pretty sure you’d conjure up images of celebrity meetings, press briefings and Michelin star lunches (largely thanks to TV programmes over-glamourising what it’s actually like). The reality is much more like a fast ride on a rollercoaster – complete with the ups… and the downs – but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I think the name ‘entrepreneur’ is surrounded by an air of mystery – kind of like the job title ‘consultant’. They are far reaching and all encompassing, but one thing that all of us entrepreneurs share are the highs and the lows of getting new ventures off the ground… and even when they become a success, we’re already on to the next exciting opportunity – which is why it’s the world’s longest, never ending but exciting ride.

There’s always the constant pressure to succeed (pressure which we put on ourselves of course). And there will always be good days, some great days and those days that you think you will never survive. These are all perfectly normal. Try not to get ahead of yourself when you’re doing well, and equally not beat yourself up when things aren’t going to plan.

One of the most reassuring and motivating illustrations which a good friend shared with me some time ago, and I like to share with budding entrepreneurs these days, is below. My advice is to print it out, frame it – and put it somewhere visible in your working area. When you need a little grounding, just take a few minutes to remind yourself that what you feel is ‘normal’ and it’s all part of the exciting journey you’re on.


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