Even Business Angels Get Nervous – Three Ways to Channel Nerves to Your Advantage

Despite what you might have seen on the TV, Business Angels aren’t Dragons, we’re real people too – we all had to start somewhere. It’s understandable that everyone gets a pang of nerves in business, especially when you’re investing so much of your life into making a dream become reality. The odd wobble is perfectly natural, and actually there are ways in which you can use nerves to your advantage:


  1. Reposition them as excitement: Instead of seeing nerves as a disadvantage, reposition them as excitement to give yourself a bit of fire in your belly. Remember the amazing opportunity that lies in front of you and that you’re the expert in your If you feel yourself having a wobble, try to channel the energy into a louder voice or more animated hand gestures, this allows you to be dramatic and more engaging to your audience.


  1. Think logically: Your audience wants you to succeed, it’s unlikely they will know if you have missed something out of a presentation unless you give the game away. Just pause, take a deep breath and think about the bigger picture. If they weren’t interested in hearing your proposition, they wouldn’t be there. Be relentless in thinking positively about your offering and this will come through in your delivery.


  1. Don’t build it up: The worst thing you can do is to be afraid of your nerves, they will build up and most likely result in stuttering or shaking a limb! Take some deep breaths and try to focus. You’re probably feeling nervous because of the change of environment, but don’t let that put you off. Try to run-through your presentation in different environments and to various audiences beforehand to give yourself some practice and a much needed boost.


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