Food for Thought: Best Apps for Eating Out

Dining out, whether for business or pleasure is undoubtedly one of my favourite things to do. As I often find myself travelling away for work, I have some solid apps that I turn to when making a new restaurant choice, hopefully you’ll agree and I won’t have to eat my words!

  1. OpenTable

A free app that enables you to research, book and then manage restaurant bookings, anytime, anywhere – perfect for when you arrive in a new city or town for the first time. OpenTable also has a reward scheme, so you receive points when you book via the app that you can put towards savings on your next meal. The great thing about it is that it doesn’t just list UK restaurants, there is an international option to allow you to pre-book ahead of your travels to the US, Europe, Australia even, and more.

  1. TripAdvisor

While there has been some caution about restaurant owners posting their own reviews, I think there are enough genuine reviews on this site to sift through to give you a feel for a place. I think it’s important when trying somewhere new, especially if you’ve invited a client, that you get a feel for somewhere first. The other traveller’s photos really help to set the scene I think.

  1. UK Food Hygiene Ratings

I think people are becoming more savvy about checking for food hygiene ratings before dining out. I have seen lots of establishments proudly displaying the ‘5 out of 5’ for food hygiene sticker in the window, so I’m always a bit dubious when a restaurant doesn’t have one on show. This app will let you know the current rating for a café or restaurant, and includes the date of the last inspection, so you can make a decision for yourself about whether you want to chance it or not!

Meeting over a meal can be a big part of my business, I think it’s important to sometimes move away from an office environment, that’s when I find people really come out of their shell and you get to know the person behind the business more.