Who is Andrew ODua?After starting his corporate career in Property Investment and IT, Andrew’s keen eye for opportunity spotted a market niche… which led him to launch a specialist sales and marketing enterprise, ACH Group. As the very first employee, Andrew knew every aspect of this operation as he grew it from the ground up into a very successful business model – leading to a high profile acquisition by a major Plc which enabled Andrew to make his move into the Business Angel space.

Since transitioning to become a Business Angel, Andrew has been able to pursue pastures new, very new and in some cases, the downright bizarre (just ask him)!

In 2013, Andrew launched Tellus Solutions as a commercial vehicle for facilitating investments and providing much needed support services to both up and coming and established businesses. With the benefit of his own experiences over the years, Andrew offers business owners and entrepreneurs practical and astute advice and personally works with them to translate high level growth strategies into workable and achievable plans.

In more recent times, Andrew has also had time to really value family moments (including getting married), getting fast and furious (for the love of cars), harvesting fruits (well, chicken eggs – not really a fruit but Andrew collects them fresh from the garden every morning)! The rest of Andrew’s journey you can follow here…