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Business Angels: The Team Behind the Dream

As someone who receives many new business proposals and pitches, I feel qualified enough to say that while the people and the product are key in making it a success, the angel investor team plays a significant role in defining the overall result of the venture. When deciding on an investment opportunity, I have to […]

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My Top 3 Storage and Security Apps

Mobile and flexible working is the new 9-5 and as such it’s created a need for business applications that provide plenty of cloud-based storage and robust security for when you’re on the move. While cyber attacks are most likely to threaten big businesses, you still need to be protected and safe in the knowledge that […]

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Entrepreneurship… the ultimate rollercoaster ride!

If somebody asked you to describe the typical day of an entrepreneur, I’m pretty sure you’d conjure up images of celebrity meetings, press briefings and Michelin star lunches (largely thanks to TV programmes over-glamourising what it’s actually like). The reality is much more like a fast ride on a rollercoaster – complete with the ups… […]

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