My Top 3 Storage and Security Apps

Mobile and flexible working is the new 9-5 and as such it’s created a need for business applications that provide plenty of cloud-based storage and robust security for when you’re on the move. While cyber attacks are most likely to threaten big businesses, you still need to be protected and safe in the knowledge that your documents and any client or customer data is safe and secure. I’m sharing with you the three best business apps that I think will help you feel more confident about conducting your business while on the go.


A common complaint is the number of passwords we need for accessing all of our online accounts. We’re constantly being reminded not to have the same password for everything, but it becomes frustrating when you are having to try to remember each individually, or  you’re always resetting forgotten passwords. 1password has a solution in that you only ever need to remember one password. All your other passwords and important information are protected behind your Master Password. It also acts as a secure store, enabling you to securely share items and documents with co-workers, perfect!


This is a VPN which helps you and your business stay protected against cyber crime and hackers. With the option of downloading it for free or a couple of annual billing options, it’s a great app to give you peace of mind that nobody will be able to steal your data or inflict malicious malware on you. Also, for a free program, in my opinion the speed at which it is delivered is more than suitable for even the heaviest internet users.

Datto Drive

File storage and sharing has become big business and having a cloud-based solution is essential to fit around remote working and employees’ flexible working patterns. While there are plenty of options for consumers, for businesses, security and data protection is more prevalent. While it’s not free, it’s certainly a more cost effective option for even the smallest of businesses. For larger companies, it provides unlimited users for a single flat fee which I love because it’s priced on quantity of data rather than per user, some other options can really sting you by charging cost per user!

The change in how we’re working and how we’re allowing our employees to work means that the need for these types of apps will continue to grow. There is already an overwhelming amount available from the various app stores, so hopefully by narrowing it down I’ve given you some food for thought!

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